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Darts is a computerised version of the popular pub game. Up to nine players can take part using one or two joysticks. A variety of games are possible - 301, 501 and 1001, each with or without a double to start. There is a choice of nine difficulty levels which range from easy to impossible. An extra feature is the "own game" option which allows players to score for themselves or play some of the more unusual darts games sometimes found in pubs and clubs.

The darts are aimed by moving two pointers, one at the top of the screen and one on the left. The intersection between the two pointers is where the dart is thrown when the fire button is pressed. If the player takes too long at aiming the dart, it is thrown automatically. The program displays each dart's score as well as the total left "to get", and before each turn, the player is reminded of his her current score.

Darts is a well-thought-out game, ideal for those occasions when bus-loads of friends turn up demanding to play a computer game, and at £1.99 it's certainly cheaper than a dartboard. However, Darts is a competitive game and so loses all of its appeal very quickly if played by only one person. It's a pity that the writers didn't include a "computer versus player" option which would increase the appeal of the program. That aside, it's a good game, and must represent excellent value for money.