Dragon 32 Universe

Evil Orbis

Perilous Pit is an arcade-style game set in the rather unoriginal location of a mine. The player has to guide Boris the miner past "The Dreaded Orbis and his Cronies", collect some crystals, and put them in his truck. This is achieved using the joystick to move, and the fire button to jump.

Jumping around too much brings to life The Dreaded Orbis, who turns out to be a little box complete with flashing light, and enjoys nothing more than a quick chase around the crystal mines. Exactly who or what The Indistinct Orbis is, is never explained (it certainly isn't obvious from the graphics) neither is his reason for wanting to keep the crystals mentioned above.

Strangest of all is the fact that while Boris can run around within a pixel of The Inanimate Orbis without the latter batting an eyelid (if he has one), jumping up and down right over the other side of the screen sends The Irritable Orbis into a frenzy!

The graphics are not all they could be; the movement is very jerky and Boris flickers continually. The sound effects during the game are almost non-existent, and those during the title sequence are only up to Basic standard. It should be said, however, that this game does sell for £1.99, and I have seen worse games go for £8 or more, but then that is totally inexcusable. A range of cheap software is a very good idea, but only if the quality is maintained.