Dragon 32 Universe


It seems that the latest game to get the "Space Invader" treatment is the "Hunchback" type of game. Yet another version, The Bells, has now been produced by Blaby Computer Games.

The notable features of this version are that there is both a joystick and keyboard version included on the one tape and that it is very fast.

In fact, The Bells is so fast that I found it almost unplayable with a joystick, as the merest touch sent Quazimodo halfway across the screen!

All the other usual features of Hunchback are here: arrows, guards, and so on. There are 14 screens to get through - I didn't get to the end, so I can't say what happens in this version.

Personally, I prefer Ocean's Hunchback, which is much more playable and has one extra screen if you really want a "Hunchback" game then take a look at all of those available - you pays your money...