Dragon 32 Universe


As we have come to expect from Microdeal here is Downland, another quality arcade type game written in machine code. The general idea this time is that the little character which appears on the screen has to be controlled by means of a joystick and its button through a series of caverns.

On the way, he has to jump to grab various items or "Treasures" as well as collect a key to pass through doors. In places he also has to climb ropes in order to negotiate some of the more difficult pads of the caverns. Controlling the jumping from the ropes is not easy even without the various horrible cavern-living creatures such as poisonous ants and birds which seem to appear at random and frequent intervals.

At first, it is not that obvious how to control the little man. Specific points have to be reached on the ropes before jumping for a ledge. The jump itself must be made with the joystick in the correct position. All of this has to be learnt as you are playing the game. At first your three "lives" do not seem to last very long, but as you learn how to play the game and learn the necessary skills and you think you are getting on top, it brings out a few new surprises, just to make life interesting.

The sounds are quite good and the highest resolution graphics are used, which means that you have a choice between black, green or buff backgrounds. Having said that, the quality of the graphics are good and the little walking, jumping and climbing man is quite realistic. I particularly liked the bit where he is trying to climb through a closed door!

If you are into challenging games like this then Downland is a must!