Dragon 32 Universe

Cuthbert In The Jungle

No selection of classic games could be complete without at least one mention of the freckle faced, glasses-clad, hero of the Dragon ... I refer of course to Cuthbert.

This is the Microdeal (sorry folks!) version of a game originally called Pitfall Harry and released by Activision for the Atari VCS. The game involves running a man around a jungle avoiding logs, snakes, scorpions, fires, and lots of ottier things in a quest for treasure.

During the game you are sure to jump across alligators' mouths, swing across pulsating pits of quicksand, and use the "secret" tunnels under the jungle.

The game is a dream for Milk Tray fanatics everywhere and, once again, there is no shooting I

The setting (PMODE3) is beautifully drawn, so long as you have a colour television, and the man runs, jumps, climbs and swings naturally (even if he does tend to look like a stick insect on the ladders).

The play is superb, but be prepared for your joysticks to take a hammering, especially on the buttons.

An elegant mix then of strategy and arcade, and as the game has a time limit (20 minutes, although my three lives have never lasted that long) once the game is finished, an attempt to beat your best time can be made - there is a rumour that it can be finished in 10 minutes 45 seconds, or thereabouts.

If you don't have this rather aged game, then it is well worth adding to the collection.