Dragon 32 Universe

Rommel's Revenge

Yes folks, this game was not written by Microdeal, and yet it is excellent. It is a version, a very well executed version, of Battlezone, the 3D tank simulation that caused such a stir in the arcades a few years ago.

This version has everything that the battlezone fanatic could ever ask for... Superb 3D graphics, variable difficulty, a massive high score table (that you can save to show to your friends!), selectable control (even down to a choice of pause key!), and joystick option.

The on-screen play is identical to the arcade version of the same game although this version is in black on green, rather than green on black.

The only things missing are the two control joysticks that adorned the console in the arcade but this is a loss that can be lived with and the new controls are just as easily mastered.

The game supports tanks, super-tanks, flying saucers, and missiles (bouncing bombs) but the background is only a straight line instead of a series of mountains.

All the usual polygons line the landscape, and it is just as easy to bump into them as it was in the arcade! The radar blips, you can hear the enemy fire and your own, and when you're hit the screen cracks beautifully.

This is quite simply a superb game, excellently programmed.