Dragon 32 Universe

Caverns Of Doom

Caverns Of Doom is a Microdeal adventure, which was released at the same time as Syzygy (reviewed elsewhere). Although this is another big adventure (100 different rooms), is not as likely to become a classic.

However, that does not affect the game's merits and they are considerable. The descriptions are pleasant, if not verbose enough for me, and the general mood conjured up is ideal.

Your task is quite simply to escape from an abandoned and crumbling mine complex... However, that may be more difficult than is at first suspected.

The response is fast - the game is in machine code - and the screen layout is absolutely superb (green on black, windowed screen).

Again, Microdeal have had the very good sense to list the commands on the cassette inlay, which saves a lot of time and energy hunting commands.

This is quite simply an excellent first generation (text only) adventure for the average adventurer. The game is selling for a fiver and this is a fiver that could be spent on many worse things than this.

It is available from your local Dragon supplier (if you still have one) or the Microdeal mail order service, which appears to have been designed by Harold Pinter judging by my experiences!