Dragon 32 Universe


Firstly, may I congratulate Blaby on a fast and efficient mail order service. When the original version of this refused to load I was sent another by first-class post on the day I rang up. This is the sort of service that will keep the Dragon alive, and is rather different to that offered by certain other big Dragon software companies.

So, to the game. Well, guess what? It's a Manic Miner clone! This time the character has no name at all - he is supposed to represent the player himself. And the aim? To open safes by collecting all the keys on each screen.

The graphics are actually in colour (Shock horror!) and look very good.

The layouts are well designed, the graphics clear, and there is an option to start on any of the 13 screens.

The usual platforms, collapsing walkways, and conveyor belts are there, but this game has an interesting extra control, although played by joystick (no keyboard option), the space bar reverses the direction of all the conveyor belts. This has allowed the programmer to design some new tricks into the screens.

On the whole very competent and well controlled.

Not as good as Caverns of Chaos and it seems to have a very small number of screens, but for £3.99 who cares? Well above average, and it's nice to dodge stupid monsters in colour.