Dragon 32 Universe

Ready Eddie?

Time for another rave! Eddie Steady Go is all the usual adjectives for brilliant combined with another few thousand that you've never heard of (cause I've made them up!) so I haven't bothered to print here!

This is a deceptively simple concept that owes a lot to Manic Miner (surprise?) but has also successfully evolved it into something less complex, but even more exciting and addictive.

The story runs that having finally escaped the vicious labyrinth tests (sic) in Back Track, this guy Eddie now has to go through a crazy assault course that the malicious processor has designed for him.

There are three controls (left, right, and - you guessed it - jump), and the aim on each screen is simply to get Eddie from one side of the screen to the other, vis-a-vis, left to right.

To stop him are arrows, lazers, frogs, pits, rivers, etc, and they are usually (although not always) coming from the other side of the screen. It owes a lot to Hunchback, especially the look of the early stages.

The thing that sets this game up above its brothers is (as is usually the ease with quality programs) its design. The screens really do get progressively more difficult, with screens that appear simple thrown in, which, of course, have a catch (the notable one being a screen involving simply precise njnning and jumping but with a horrifically short time limit).

I've hardly stopped playing Eddie Steady Go since I got it. There are 22 screens. I'm on number 17 but progress has become slow in comparison with the early screens. One of the most notable things about it is the way that individual people find different screens easy (one man's thingy is another mans other thongy, or something like that)!

It plays through at the normal speed, and then when all 22 screens are complete, it plays again at medium speed, and then fast.

The sound is more than vaguely Shaper-ish but then one can't have the perfect game, that would be too much to ask. This one's nearly there though. Lustrous - and you can quote me on that!