Dragon 32 Universe

Cop It!

A few days ago I sat at my keyboard and said "Right, it's time to write this month's reviews. Perhaps before I do it though, I'll have a quick game of Copta Snatch, just to wake me up!" By about one in the morning, into my millionth game of Copta Snatch for that evening I was in no state to write my name, let alone a review of this superb game.

Strangely enough, the same thing happened the day before yesterday. I sat down, decided to have a quick go at this game, which, incidentally, involves flying a helicopter "Skramble"-like (or to be more accurate, "Super Cobra" like), over a terrain defended by guns, laser turrets, force fields, etc, in an effort to reach the enemy's plans, and suddenly found it was some ungodly hour near dawn. The reviews still remained unwritten.

Yesterday, I sat down loaded up the game with the best of intentions, played its Mode 24 flicker-free graphics for several hours and completely forgot all my cares and my deadline, being carried away as I was in the crystal sound and smooth movement, and speed.

It's surprising, therefore, that after so much play, it should only have been tonight, after two and a half hours of hammering on the keyboard instead of using my Joystick because, you see, the sheer speed of the game makes joystick control very difficult. I eventually got past the first force field and into the next stage of the game - a cave rather than just a landscape with new defenses, into which I managed to probe about three millimetres!

It's now five to eleven at night, the deadline is the day after tomorrow, I'd better get someone to hide Copta Snatch now, thinking of which, I don't half fancy a game. No, no, I mustn't... Oh heck! What's a deadline anyway?