Dragon 32 Universe

Arcade Hit

One more go, just one more go and I'll crack it. This is something you will say a lot when you part with your hard earned pennies in exchange for a copy of Incentive's latest release Moon Cresta. In fact you will probably say it for hours on end day after day. It's not that this game is addictive you understand; just one more go and I'll leave it alone, just one more go.

For those of you too young to remember the original arcade version of Moon Cresta, it was probably the first machine that I ever saw with a queue of people waiting to play it. It has that marvellous quality that allows everyone to play a reasonable game straight away but gets progressively harder the better you become. You can never say that you have mastered it; it will always get the better of you in the end.

Incentive have obtained the official licence for the game from the originators Nichibutsu, and John Martin (the author) has produced the most faithful arcade copy that I have ever seen.

If you like the space shoot-'em-up games then this must be the king of them all.

To aid you in blasting the cold eyes, supper flies, four-D's, meteo's and atomic plies, you are given a spaceship that consists of three parts, each having its own weaponry. If you successfully manage to repel four waves of inevitable aliens, then you are given the chance to dock your craft with the next section. If successful then you can double your firepower and (in theory) make life much easier for yourself. You start with just the top section of the spacecraft, with only one gun, and if you dock with the other two sections, you end up with five.

For those who think they have pretty good reactions when it comes to arcade games, if you manage to obtain a score in excess of 30,000 you will be given a secret message.

This enables you to enter a draw to win a real Moon Cresta arcade machine.

OK, so it's basically straight-forward left/right/fire stuff - but if you like fast arcade action and are not frightened of spending all your waking hours muttering 'just one more go' then get your wallet out and buy yourself a copy.