Dragon 32 Universe

Too Much Play!

Dear Helen Armstrong c/o Dragon User,

I'm afraid I must write in apology for not getting all my Copy in on time this rrontfi. But, you have to understand, it's not my fault. You see, one of the games you sent me namely 'Boulder Crash' by Blaby is so good that I haven't been able to stop playing it since I got it!!

It's really quite unfair of you to send me a game which is so good that I spend so much time playing it I don't get around to reviewing it.

For your information it's a multi screen game which involves running around collecting gems. Yah, I know what you're thinking. He's hooked on another Manic Miner clone, but Helen, believe me, it's much more serious than that. Each screen on this takes up about twelve telly screens, and it scrolls as you move.

The first few screens seemed pretty easy, just had to drop the boulders out of the way so that I could get to the gems, making sure nothing fell on my head, get the gems, and go to the exit, but then later on I came across screens with no gems and realised that the only way to get them was by dropping boulders on the monsters and that each time I hit a monster it turned into nine gems. Then, there was the matter barrier, and the slime, oh God, the slime! I have blisters on my fingers from using 'Z', 'X', '<' and '>' to move the superb graphic man around the screen. My eyes are sore from staring ai the screen until late. My phone bill has dropped below three figures, I've spent so much time at the keyboard.

So, apologies once more for not getting the review done. Perhaps you can get something from this letter. Who knows, eh?

Yours, Jason Orbaum

PS. Are we still on for Friday or are you seeing that jerk 'The Expert'?

Forget it, boys. I'm being taken to La Gavroche by a tape cassette wholesaler from Beckenham. Club together and buy yourselves a sandwich - Ed