Dragon 32 Universe

Kama Carzy

Kama Carzy is a version of the old arcade game where you have to collect all the flags in a maze inhabited by the other cars which are out to kill you ('Kama Carzy drivers').

Your only defence is to release clouds of smoke from your car. You have to watch your fuel guage or else your car will meet with a sticky end, thankfully there are fuel cans dotted about the screen. As in the arcade the screen scrolls as you look for the flags. On later levels there are more obstacles and even more mad drivers out to get you! On the second screen, there are giant cabbages which block the routes to the flags and make life that bit harder.

Everything in this game is done professionally; the car explodes then the remaining parts spins round when you die, the title screen has a very good tune which complements the screen and even the way you enter the name in the hi-score table is easy to do. When you load the game you should stick with it as it hasn't crashed but is supposed to load that way.

Even though this is quite an old game it is still worth every penny.