Dragon 32 Universe

Save And Lose

The instruction manual which comes with Microdeal's Telewriter is quite simply the best I have ever seen. So far so good, but - it's time for another gripe, because I'm afraid I want to talk about the Delta disc upgrade of Telewriter.

My copy had the most incredible bug in it. I thought it was just me, until I checked around, and lo and behold, someone else had the same problem, which is simply this: if you've used the printer, it is 100% certain that when you next access the disc I/O the program is going to go into an irreconcilable crash.

If you don't print your work before saving it, then there's no certaintly of a crash, just a very big chance. So far, since buying this upgrade, I have lost two acts of play, certain copy for this magazine, a short story, the first eight chapters of a book, and about fifty assorted songs and poems. At this rate I'm going to follow Wayne Smithson's example and switch to an Amstrad! Microdeal should stop selling this package until the bug has been sorted out.

(See also this month's Letters page. Editors usually give writers about three days' grace to get over a system crash, so if your WP does even once what Jason's WP seems to have done several times, do the sensible thing - don't trust it with anything longer than half a page at a time. - Ed)