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Welcome to Dragon 32 Universe, a site dedicated to building a library of all the software for the Dragon 32 computer and archiving it for future generations. On this site, you will find details on hundreds of games (As we are constantly finding more, you'll see the statistics box-out on the right changing!) including a great deal which we consider "fully archived". This means that we have got a cover, inlay and box scan at high resolution, an emulator file that works (so you can play the game on your PC/Mac) and instructions in html. For many of our games, we also have reviews, articles and cheats on top!

Uh, What's A Dragon 32?

The Dragon 32 is a computer. It was released in 1982 and seems to have gained a place in the heart of many a British (and Spanish) schoolboy. Originally produced in Wales, UK and afterwards somewhere in Barcelona, Spain when its parent company flogged it, the Dragon 32 was very much a part of the "bedroom businesses" of the early Eighties. In fact, the price of second hand Dragon 32 software seems to be very much higher than that commanded by its contemporaries (i.e. the Sinclair Spectrum, the Oric and the BBC Micro). Much more than a UK clone of the American Tandy Coco Color Computer, the Dragon computers themselves come in various guises and, whilst we aren't concerned with the hardware itself on this particular site (yet!), suffice it to say that there are a fantastic range of machines. There are also more independent hardware addons than you can shake a stick at. Three different disk interfaces, speech synthesisers, cartridges, ROMs, the list goes on...

Game Heaven

But what we are mostly focussed on here is the software that was released for the Dragon. There are now quite a few people collecting it, and both they - and those who perhaps don't have £35 to spend on acquiring a single piece of it! - deserve a site like Dragon 32 Universe. The site is modelled on our former creation Acorn Electron World. In it, you will find the biggest draw - a collection of Dragon 32 games more extensive than those available on Dragon Wiki and the Dragon Archive. But in addition you'll find text adventures, demos, utilities (word processors, spreadsheets, etc), music and more obscure programs. Practically anything that we can recover from anything that comes our way, in fact.

The Games That You Never Knew...

Things haven't stood still for the Dragon since it fell out of mainstream popularity either. Because many games for the Tandy and Coco computers could be rewritten for the Dragon 32 (by a person with patience and comprehension of the differing ROM calls), some enthusiasts have now brought brand new programs - that you never knew existed! - to its shores.

The Eyes Of The Dragon

The Dragon 32 was also supported by a number of mainstream magazines, and a User Group which continued into the early 1990s. Buried within the pages of these magazines are all manner of programming tips, articles, reviews, letters and information on rare (and missing) games. Here at Dragon 32 Universe, we intend to collate these so that our site, though small at the moment, will balloon to a similar size as Acorn Electron World. Indeed, we plan not only to have our own text-based reviews (Examples of which are Chuckie Egg and Ice Castles) but video reviews in the same style as our AcornElectronTV YouTube channel. Oh, and we're also not unaware that the current emulator of choice for Dragon games - xRoar - isn't the most user-friendly emulator there ever was. So expect articles that hopefully make using it a breeze.

Buy Our Software

Finally, all of the software collected for this site needs a good home to go to, so you'll find almost all of it for sale in our shop.


Further statistics about Dragon 32 Universe (that are probably only really of interest to us!) will shortly be available.