Dragon 32 Universe


YAKZEE (Automata)


Dragon 32 Universe is organised into distinct sections, to make it as easy as possible for you to explore all of it and locate any resource that you require.

  1. Media
    1. Professional Releases (UK)
      Features the largest archives of the site. Showcases every professional release that could be purchased on the high street (or via mail order) in the Dragon's heyday (1982-1990) complete with screenshots, front covers, inner inlays and links to reviews in Dragon User where these have been sourced музеи СПб.
    2. Public Domain Releases
      Features all of that software written by home-coders and originally available from the PD libraries circa 1988-1995.
    3. Books
      Features all of the third party books supplied for the Dragon, many of which are available on the Dragon 32 Books DVD.
    4. Shop
      Features a very wide selection of original cassette-based software for the Dragon, which can be browsed and ordered via Paypal then shipped anywhere in the world.
    5. Our YouTube Channel
      Dragon 32 Universe has a YouTube Channel, which compiles the short video clips featured on the home page and throughout this site. Don't forget to subscribe to be kept updated every time we post a new video.
    6. DVD
      Everything we have collected so far is available on the official Dragon 32 Universe DVD. Why not buy one and help support its continuing development and expansion?
    7. What's New
      The site, and the DVD, are regularly updated with new acquisitions. A lot of work goes on "behind the scenes" but the more important updates are automatically tracked, creating this page.

Dragon 32 Universe is currently growing at a phenomeonal rate, and all contributions to the site are gratefully accepted. Got a game that we haven't? Then why not swap it for something in our shop. Contact the webmaster with any potential swaps.

Other sections, including books, hardware and game cheats/solutions are currently in the pipeline.