Dragon 32 Universe


Find the golden sundial in time and space - and it's yours!

Free appalling hypnotic disco theme music plus fully animated cartoon graphic displays.

With music score, colour and sound effects too!


The Golden Sundial of Pi has been hidden in Time and Space. Will you be the first seeker to locate this fabulous treasure, and be awarded with the exquisitely-crafted original, made from gold, diamond, lapis lazuli, obsidian and niobium.

Enter the bizarre continuum of Pimania, where saxophones turn into hangliders, where music meets madness and where the Pi-man rules supreme. He'll befriend you, he'll betray you, he'll even sing and dance for you! It may take you a week to play, it may take you a lifetime.


"...the best evidence that computer gaming has come of age... an adventure enthusiast's dream," - Computer & Video Games

Good luck - welcome to the world of Pimania.

Free on the flipside of the cassette, Pimania, the hit single
Vocals by Clair Sinclive and the Mystery Man
Percussion and Bass: ZX Spectrum, casio VC-1
Guitars and Saxes: The pi men

Coming soon: Pimania - the T-shirt, Pimania - The Movie, Pimania - The Law Suit



There is an automatic SAVE facility built into the game. When reloading a "saved" game, after typing RUN (ENTER), press CLEAR and type in:


Now restart the Pimania cassette. Soon you will be asked to remove the Pimania cassette and insert your own PI-FILE cassette, and then load as per the instructions displayed on your screen.

When Pimania has loaded, play the music on Side B of your Pimania cassette, on audio only.